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PT. Geluran Adikarya

PT Geluran Adikarya started the business as humble Mechanical Equipment manufacturer in 2003. Since then, our company has a strong commitment to produce many kind of mechanical equipment that meets customer needs, specification and requirement. PT Geluran Adikarya produces various types of product which mainly in pressure vessel and transport and storage tank. With the company’s vision of being a world class company in mechanical equipment manufacture, we are continuously learning to create better quality products in each production so that we can meet customer specification and expectation towards every product.

Furthermore, our company’s values which are quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction and loyalty become our base to deliver high quality product with competitive price and long-term after sales service to each product.

Project Details

  • Customer: PT. Geluran Adikarya
  • Live Website: http://geluran.co.id/
  • Category: Company Profile Website Design and Development
  • Project Launch: March 2015